Applicant Live Scan

Organizations of all kinds require the thorough check of an applicant’s criminal history through live scan fingerprinting. FbF LiveScan systems are the perfect, affordable solution for organizations that want to capture fingerprints for background checks in-house.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

By integrating FbF CX+ with a retailer’s CRM and marketing systems, we can enhance sales efforts and drive results. Staff will be provided with timely and relevant offers based on historical or predictive analytics (native features of many CRM and marketing systems).Integration with retailer’s loyalty program is an option.

Criminal Live Scan

Managing your live scan booking process is easy with a FbF LiveScan system:

  • Capture more than finger and palm prints
  • Integrate with local RMS/JMS and AFIS
  • Increase effectiveness of personnel.
  • Meet the demands of high traffic usage

Digital Onboarding/eKCY

Our Digital Onboarding Toolkit for Developers offers a complete set of server and client components with well-documented API allowing easy integration into both native mobile apps (iOS and Android) as well as web applications, even if you don’t have experience with biometrics.

Biometric SSO & IAM

FbF bioLOGIN secures your employees by using strong biometric authentication and universal single sign-on to access applications and processes. Once an employee logs with a single set of credentials, that employee gains access to multiple services and resources.

Large-Scale Enrollment

Fulcrum’s Collection Kits include hardware and software for biometric enrollment and verification with fingerprint, iris, and face capabilities. The Kits are powered by FbF bioEnroll which enables government, commercial, and non-profit agencies to securely collect and use the biometric and demographic data needed to issue and validate secure credential documents.