Fulcrum Biometrics Framework (FbF)

System Integrator Tools

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If you know little about biometrics and don’t want to go to the expense of developing biometric capability from scratch, we can provide you our proprietary technology stack—the Fulcrum Biometrics Framework, complete with a pre-built biometric matching engine and multi-modal capability on a variety of platforms.

  • Spend hours–not months –integrating biometrics into your systems or applications
  • Use the biometric modalities (iris, finger, face, vein, etc) best suited to your security needs
  • Empower your products– seamless and out-of-the-box integration with various biometric scanners and algorithms
  • Get access to advanced touch-less biometric technology– Palm vein & AI based face recognition

FbF Multi-Biometric SDK

Built upon more than a decade of experience enabling biometric solutions, the Fulcrum Biometrics Framework (FbF®) products are a suite of tools that simplify the inclusion of biometrics into any new or existing mobile, desktop, or web-based application. With FbF tools, you have everything you need to biometrically link a physical person to their records in your database or application. By choosing to work with the FbF tools instead of low-level SDK’s, your time can be spent focused on perfecting your application or solution’s core features rather than becoming an expert in implementing biometrics.